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A user friendly, POSIX compatible operating system

Reducing software waste

Welcome on the new web site for the Syllable operating system project. Syllable is a unique, modern and complete operating system that is easy to use, powerful, lightweight and extraordinarily fast and responsive. It has its own, tightly integrated kernel, file system, Graphical User Interface and applications, and also supports many cross-platform open-source programs. Syllable is designed in the tradition of the Amiga and BeOS, but built using many parts from the GNU project and Linux. It excels at interactive use. Syllable Server is a matching, small and efficient, companion Linux system. It uses the Linux kernel and is compatible with Linux software, but is otherwise built to be as similar as possible to the primary Syllable system. Syllable makes better use of your hardware by reducing waste in the software. It can make a new or tiny computer extremely fast and an old computer usable again.

Stay tuned!

Syllable 0.6.7 Virtual Machine / Emulator Image released.

Syllable on TechRadar.

[Syllable 0.5.6] Syllable 0.5.6 running many applications

Video of GLExcess OpenGL 3D Demo by Florent "Bogomips" Corby


[Syllable 0.6.6] Syllable 0.6.6

[Community Syllable Software] By Florent "Bogomips" Corby

[REBOL 3] The REBOL 3 programming language

Source Code
Syllable Server (Linux)

[Syllable Server 0.1] Syllable Server running Midnight Commander in a Bochs Virtual Machine on Syllable Desktop


Installation video and tour of Syllable 0.6.7, Jazz 4 developer edition, sIDE Integrated Development Environment


[Syllable Integrated Development Environment] The Syllable Integrated Development Environment

Syllable Server

Road Map

Current priorities, in order. Syllable has been in hibernation for some time, but we are waking the sleeping beauty. There is no time schedule for these developments. Much depends on support from the community and funding by organisations. We can implement specific wishes when there is funding for them. In times when there is no funding, we will follow our own priorities, which usually follow the low-hanging fruit.

In Progress
Medium Term
Long Term


Syllable 0.6.7 Presentation Video by Jonathan Turner


[AtheOS] AtheOS 0.3.7 running in a Bochs Virtual Machine on Syllable 0.6.4


The project and its community can be contacted on its forum.

If you need to contact us privately, for example to discuss contract work, you can do so by email: [email protected]

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