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Copyright Information

Syllable is made up of many parts, created both by contributors to the Syllable project and by outside projects. Most of those parts are open source or even free software, and may thus be freely modified and distributed according to their licenses. Some parts, however, are just freeware under a stricter license. For example, it is possible that they may not be modified. Some collections published by the Syllable project contain parts that may not be sold commercially. It is mandatory to consult the respective licenses of each part before distributing or modifying it. The licenses are included in Syllable with each part.

In general, program code of applications created by Syllable contributors is published under the GPL license. Program code of libraries is published under the LGPL license, so it is possible to publish closed-source applications for the Syllable platform.

The Syllable project always publishes a base version of the Syllable system that is free to distribute and may also be sold. Most of this base version is free software, but it may also contain parts that are freeware but may not be modified.

Source code for open-source parts of Syllable is available, either for download from our web site, or in exceptional cases on request. At least for free-software parts of Syllable, this availability is guaranteed for a period of three years from publication.

If you contribute parts or modifications of parts for inclusion in a particular Syllable collection, this signifies your approval to distribute your contributions under the same conditions as that collection. For example, if you contribute to the base collection, your contributions should be free for everyone to distribute, even commercially.


The wallpapers in this release were created for Syllable by Adrian Chromenko (www.rest0re.org), Lukas Veselovsky (Skywaker), one Chris (H.I.T 007), Ruud Kuin, YakkMeister, ZeroNet, Lucas Murad, Ken Saunders, one Dmitry and others. They can be freely distributed as long as they are accompanied by these credits.


The URW fonts with Cyrillic characters are published by URW under the GPL, with modifications by Valek Filippov, Mandriva and others.

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