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...is becoming an easy-to-use free software operating system for the home and small office user. It is powerful, lightweight and extraordinarily fast and responsive. More info.

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Development builds are versions of Syllable that we create inbetween official releases, for testing purposes. They carry a date of production instead of a version number. Even though there are no guarantees for any Syllable release, you should be extra careful with development releases. In fact, they are guaranteed to contain bugs! :-) They may also be incomplete or not work at all. We do like you to try them, because we like you to report bugs that you find. We may not experience those bugs ourselves, so your reports are really useful. Please try to describe all relevant information. We try to fix bugs before the next official release. You may also benefit sooner if we can fix a bug for the next development build.

Development builds are made irregularly. We do them when they make sense because there are changes to test, and when we can make time for them.

There are no upgrade packages for development builds.

You need the 7-Zip compression tool to unpack the main archives. This is included in Syllable.

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