Syllable Documentation
For Users

If you're new to Syllable, the welcome document will help you to get started.

If you're installing Syllable for the first time, make sure you've read the installation instructions. You may also want to read the release notes for this version.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, you may find it has already been answered in the Frequently Asked Questions.

For Developers
Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions for Developers answers many common questions and is a good starting point if you are new to developing for Syllable.

Articles & Tutorials

1. Introduction to developing on Syllable

2. Kernel and device drivers

 2.1 Introduction to device drivers
  2.1.1 Driver basics
  2.1.2 Ethernet drivers
  2.1.3 Video drivers

 2.2 Network drivers
  2.2.1 Porting a real driver
  2.2.2 Bringing it up
  2.2.3 Data in, data out
  2.2.4 Testing and debugging
  2.2.5 Cleaning up

 2.3 More information
  2.3.1 Further reading

3. The Syllable Build system

API documentation

The DoxyGen API documentation is an invaluable reference for any application or kernel developer.