os::TableCell Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 TableCell ()
 ~TableCell ()
void SetView (View *pcView)
ViewGetView (void) const
void SetWheights (float vHorizontal, float vVertical)
Point GetPreferredSize (bool bLargest) const
void SetAlignment (alignment eHorizontal, alignment hVertical)
void SetWidth (int nWidth)
void SetHeight (int nHeight)
void SetSize (Point cSize)
void SetPos (Point cPos)
void Layout (void)


class TableView

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TableCell::TableCell (  ) 

TableCell::~TableCell (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void TableCell::SetView ( View pcView  ) 

View * TableCell::GetView ( void   )  const

void TableCell::SetWheights ( float  vHorizontal,
float  vVertical 

Point TableCell::GetPreferredSize ( bool  bLargest  )  const

void TableCell::SetAlignment ( alignment  eHorizontal,
alignment  hVertical 

void TableCell::SetWidth ( int  nWidth  ) 

void TableCell::SetHeight ( int  nHeight  ) 

void TableCell::SetSize ( Point  cSize  ) 

void TableCell::SetPos ( Point  cPos  ) 

void TableCell::Layout ( void   ) 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class TableView [friend]

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