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[Ports] [Red programming language alpha 1 on Syllable Desktop 0.6.7]

The first alpha of the high-level Red programming language has been released (demo program, video on Software Freedom Day at the Science Park in Amsterdam). It was developed to support Syllable Desktop after the first code was available. Red compiles to the low-level Red/System programming language as an intermediate format before compiling it to native machine code. Red/System was already ported to Syllable, but more porting work was needed for Red. It requires Syllable 0.6.7 for its POSIX mmap support.

Ready to run test programs (download, instructions) are now available for all Red's targets: Syllable, Linux x86, Linux ARM (screenshot on the Raspberry Pi, video on Hardware Freedom Day), Android, OS X and Windows. For Syllable Server, you need the Linux x86 versions.

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