os::FileRow Class Reference
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Directory browser control. More...

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Public Member Functions

 FileRow (Bitmap *pcBitmap, const String &cName, const struct stat &sStat)
virtual void AttachToView (View *pcView, int nColumn)
virtual void SetRect (const Rect &cRect, int nColumn)
virtual float GetWidth (View *pcView, int nIndex) const
virtual float GetHeight (View *pcView) const
virtual void Paint (const Rect &cFrame, View *pcView, uint nColumn, bool bSelected, bool bHighlighted, bool bHasFocus)
virtual bool HitTest (View *pcView, const Rect &cFrame, int nColumn, Point cPos)
virtual bool IsLessThan (const ListViewRow *pcOther, uint nColumn) const
const String GetName () const
stat GetFileStat () const


class DirectoryView

Detailed Description

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Kurt Skauen ([email protected])

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

os::FileRow::FileRow ( Bitmap pcBitmap,
const String cName,
const struct stat &  sStat 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void os::FileRow::AttachToView ( View pcView,
int  nColumn 
) [virtual]

Implements os::ListViewRow.

virtual void os::FileRow::SetRect ( const Rect cRect,
int  nColumn 
) [virtual]

Implements os::ListViewRow.

virtual float os::FileRow::GetWidth ( View pcView,
int  nIndex 
) const [virtual]

virtual float os::FileRow::GetHeight ( View pcView  )  const [virtual]

virtual void os::FileRow::Paint ( const Rect cFrame,
View pcView,
uint  nColumn,
bool  bSelected,
bool  bHighlighted,
bool  bHasFocus 
) [virtual]

Implements os::ListViewRow.

virtual bool os::FileRow::HitTest ( View pcView,
const Rect cFrame,
int  nColumn,
Point  cPos 
) [virtual]

Reimplemented from os::ListViewRow.

virtual bool os::FileRow::IsLessThan ( const ListViewRow pcOther,
uint  nColumn 
) const [virtual]

Implements os::ListViewRow.

const String os::FileRow::GetName (  )  const [inline]

struct stat os::FileRow::GetFileStat (  )  const [inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class DirectoryView [friend]

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