MountDialogScanner Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 MountDialogScanner (MountDialogWin *pcWin)
 ~MountDialogScanner ()
void ScanPath (os::Path cPath, int nDepth, MemFile *pcSource)
bool CheckMounted (os::String zDevice)
int32 Run ()
 Thread code.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MountDialogScanner::MountDialogScanner ( MountDialogWin pcWin  ) 

MountDialogScanner::~MountDialogScanner (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void MountDialogScanner::ScanPath ( os::Path  cPath,
int  nDepth,
MemFile pcSource 

bool MountDialogScanner::CheckMounted ( os::String  zDevice  ) 

int32 MountDialogScanner::Run (  )  [virtual]

The code that is executed by the thread. This method must be overridden and implemented in a subclass.
Henrik Isaksson ([email protected])

Implements os::Thread.

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