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Public Member Functions

 DropdownTextView (DropdownMenu *pcParent, const Rect &cFrame, const char *pzTitle, const char *pzBuffer, uint32 nResizeMask=CF_FOLLOW_LEFT|CF_FOLLOW_TOP, uint32 nFlags=WID_WILL_DRAW|WID_FULL_UPDATE_ON_RESIZE)
 ~DropdownTextView ()
void KeyDown (const char *pzString, const char *pzRawString, uint32 nQualifiers)
 Hook called by the system when a key is pressed while the view has focus.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

os::DropdownMenu::DropdownTextView::DropdownTextView ( DropdownMenu pcParent,
const Rect cFrame,
const char *  pzTitle,
const char *  pzBuffer,
uint32  nResizeMask = CF_FOLLOW_LEFT|CF_FOLLOW_TOP,

os::DropdownMenu::DropdownTextView::~DropdownTextView (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void os::DropdownMenu::DropdownTextView::KeyDown ( const char *  pzString,
const char *  pzRawString,
uint32  nQualifiers 
) [virtual]

Overload this member if your view need to handle keyboard input. This member is called to allow the view to handle M_KEY_DOWN messages. The most common members are exctracted from the message and passed as parameters but you might need to obtain the raw message with os::Looper::GetCurrentMessage() and find some members yourself if you the data you needed are not passed in.
For example if you need the raw key-code for the pressed key you will have to lookup the "_raw_key" member from the message.
pzString String containing a single UTF-8 encoded character. This is the character generated by the pressed key according to the current keymap accounting for any qualifiers that might be pressed.
pzRawString Same as pzString except that the key is converted without accounting for qualifiers. Ie. if 'A' is pressed while pressing <SHIFT> pzString will contain 'A' and pzRawString will contain 'a'.
nQualifiers Bitmask describing which qualifiers that was active when the key was pressed.
See also:
KeyUp(), os::Looper::GetCurrentMessage()
Kurt Skauen ([email protected])

Reimplemented from os::TextView.

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