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[Ports] [REBOL/Core 3 on Syllable Desktop]

Early this year, we reported that the alpha versions of REBOL 3 ran on Syllable Server, based on the unmodified Linux version. Now we have even better news. R3 has been split into its planned core interpreter library and an open source host environment for integration with as many systems as possible. Kaj has got this version to work on Syllable Desktop. This is the first time that a version of REBOL can run there (besides emulating a complete operating system), so this is a major step towards our REBOL cross-platform strategy.

Interestingly, this R3 version is not fully native to Syllable yet and is not fully ported. The open host environment has been compiled on Syllable, but is using the binary Linux version of the core interpreter library. Normally, this is impossible, but it works in this case through a trick. Both Linux and Syllable use the GNU GLibC C library, but the porting layer and the internal library versions are different. Providing symlinks from the Linux library versions to the Syllable versions makes this work. This is exceptional and is a testament both to Syllable's compatibility with Linux and to the excellent isolation the host environment achieves between REBOL 3 and the host platform.

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