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Public Member Functions

 ColorSelector (const Rect &cRect, const String &cName, Message *pcMsg, Color32_s cColor=0xFFFFFFFF, uint32 nResizeMask=CF_FOLLOW_LEFT|CF_FOLLOW_TOP, uint32 nFlags=WID_WILL_DRAW|WID_FULL_UPDATE_ON_RESIZE)
 ~ColorSelector ()
virtual void HandleMessage (Message *pcMsg)
 Handle a message targeted at this handler.
virtual void AttachedToWindow ()
virtual void PostValueChange (const Variant &cNewValue)
virtual void SetValue (Variant cValue, bool bInvoke=true)
virtual void EnableStatusChanged (bool)

Detailed Description

ColorSelector, a colour selection widget. Use the Get/SetValue() methods to retrieve the currently selected colour.
See also:
Control::SetValue(), Control::GetValue()
Henrik Isaksson ([email protected])

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

os::ColorSelector::ColorSelector ( const Rect cRect,
const String cName,
Message pcMsg,
Color32_s  cColor = 0xFFFFFFFF,
uint32  nResizeMask = CF_FOLLOW_LEFT|CF_FOLLOW_TOP,

os::ColorSelector::~ColorSelector (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

virtual void os::ColorSelector::HandleMessage ( Message pcMsg  )  [virtual]

Overload this member to dispatch messages sendt to this handler. When a looper receives a message for one of it's handlers it will call the taget handlers HandleMessage() to allow the handler to dispatch the message.
The message passed in pcMessage is also available through os::Looper::GetCurrentMessage() and os::Looper::DetachCurrentMessage() until this member returns. This is normally not very usefull for HandleMessage() itself but it can be convinient for other members called from HandleMessage() in case they need data from the message that was not passed on from HandleMessage().
The looper will be locked when this member is called. The default implementation of this member will pass the message on to the next handler if one was set with SetNextHandler().
Never do any lenthy operations in any hook members that are called from the looper thread if the looper is involved with the GUI (for example if the looper is a os::Window). The looper will not be able to dispatch messages until the hook returns so spending a long time in this members will make the GUI feel unresponsive.
pcMessage The message that should be handled. This message will be deleted by the looper when HandleMessage() returns unless you detach it with os::Looper::DetachCurrentMessage(),
See also:
os::Looper::DispatchMessage(), os::Looper::DetachCurrentMessage()
Kurt Skauen ([email protected])

Reimplemented from os::Handler.

virtual void os::ColorSelector::AttachedToWindow (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from os::Control.

virtual void os::ColorSelector::PostValueChange ( const Variant cNewValue  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from os::Control.

virtual void os::ColorSelector::SetValue ( Variant  cValue,
bool  bInvoke = true 
) [virtual]

Reimplemented from os::Control.

virtual void os::ColorSelector::EnableStatusChanged ( bool   )  [virtual]

Implements os::Control.

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