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Public Member Functions

 MediaInputSelector (const Point cPosition, const String zTitle, Messenger *pcTarget, Message *pcOpenMessage, Message *pcCancelMessage, bool bAutoDetect=true)
 Open new input selector.
virtual ~MediaInputSelector ()
virtual bool OkToQuit ()
virtual void HandleMessage (Message *pcMessage)
virtual void _reserved1 ()
virtual void _reserved2 ()
virtual void _reserved3 ()
virtual void _reserved4 ()
virtual void _reserved5 ()
virtual void _reserved6 ()
virtual void _reserved7 ()
virtual void _reserved8 ()
virtual void _reserved9 ()
virtual void _reserved10 ()


class  Private

Detailed Description

The Media Input Selector opens a new window where the user can select the file / device he wants to open. The selector will make sure that the file / device can be openend by the system.
Arno Klenke

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MediaInputSelector::MediaInputSelector ( const Point  cPosition,
const String  zTitle,
Messenger *  pcTarget,
Message *  pcOpenMessage,
Message *  pcCancelMessage,
bool  bAutoDetect = true 

Opens a new input selector.
cPosition - Position of the window.
zTitle - Title of the created window.
pcTarget - Target to where the event messages should be send.
pcOpenMessage - This message is sent if a file / device has been selected. "file/path" includes the filename and "input" the identifier of the input.
pcCancelMessage - This message is sent if the selector has been closed without selecting a file.
bAutoDetect - If true then the system will try to autodetect the required input for the file / device ( although it is possible to force a special file / device ). Otherwise the default input will be selected in the list of inputs.
Arno Klenke

MediaInputSelector::~MediaInputSelector (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

bool MediaInputSelector::OkToQuit (  )  [virtual]

void MediaInputSelector::HandleMessage ( Message *  pcMessage  )  [virtual]

void MediaInputSelector::_reserved1 (  )  [virtual]

void MediaInputSelector::_reserved2 (  )  [virtual]

void MediaInputSelector::_reserved3 (  )  [virtual]

void MediaInputSelector::_reserved4 (  )  [virtual]

void MediaInputSelector::_reserved5 (  )  [virtual]

void MediaInputSelector::_reserved6 (  )  [virtual]

void MediaInputSelector::_reserved7 (  )  [virtual]

void MediaInputSelector::_reserved8 (  )  [virtual]

void MediaInputSelector::_reserved9 (  )  [virtual]

void MediaInputSelector::_reserved10 (  )  [virtual]

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