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The fourth summer edition of the Syllable conference will be held in a conference centre in the Netherlands. Keep an eye on this website, to stay informed and get the latest updates on the programme!

audienceKaj de Vos with Syllable Desktop on projector
entrance Baarn trainstationBas de Lange opens the Syllable Fimbul winterconference 2009
Vikingship on Syllable Desktoptea and coffee during break
Bart Genuit hands over his desktopcomputer as a donation to the Syllable-projectKees questioning Kaj de Vos
Kaj de Vos with Syllable Server on projectorPaaskerk, conference centre Het Brandpunt in Baarn
book about the REBOL programming languageaudience
Some pictures are made by Myckel Habets


To give you an impression of the conference, you can see here more than twenty Dutch spoken videos, with deep links into the videos, on YouTube of the presentations given by Kaj de Vos during the first Syllable Winter Conference in january 2009 and second Syllable Winter Conference in january 2010.

First Syllable Winter Conference in january 2009:

Deep links into this videos: Syllable Desktop, memorymanagement, SWAP, Why do we use Linux as our serverkernel?, The using of Syllable in a DVD-factory

Deep links into this videos: WebKit, mounting USB disks, terminal Bash-shell, installing extra packages, Battle for Wesnoth, native-applications, resource-packages, VLC mediaplayer, Application Binary Interface

Deep links into this videos: Unix System Resources, resources-directory, symbolic links, no harde links, locality of packages

Deep links into this videos: searchpaths, separation system and independent packages, playing a movie with VLC

Deep links into this videos: VLC, Mediaplayer, FFMPEG, mediaraamwerk, hardware overlays, mediacodecs

Deep links into this videos: The REBOL song, audio mixing

Second Syllable Winter Conference in january 2010

Playlist with many videos of the Syllable Winter Conference 2010:


Entrance is free. It would be appreciated if you would let us know, that you are planning to visit the conference. By sending Bas de Lange an electronic mail on his address mentioned here.

Time and date

Saterday, september 4 2010
12:00-17:00 hrs
Afterwards a drink and dinner in a local restaurant, at your own expence.


Paaskerk, conference centre Het Brandpunt
Oude Utrechtseweg 4a, zaal E




Travel planner

Travel instructions


Bas de Lange
Esper consultancy

Discuss on the forum or send an electronic mail to Bas de Lange on his address mentioned here.

Syllable Desktop 0.6.5 on Asus Eee PC
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