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Syllable Development Newsletters have been published in two series so far: the original series by Michael Saunders and a newer series published by Ruud Kuin.

Kristian Van der Vliet
Multi-threaded C++, part 2

Kaj de Vos
Interview on Syllable Server & the website aftermath
Software round-up

Flemming H. Sørensen
Local and national groups, part 2

Bas de Lange
Interview & Syllable User Groups

Syllable Developer Newsletter #2 (PDF, 4.5 MB)
Software archive, torrent download (preferred)
Software archive, regular download (ZIP, 21 MB)

Please use the torrent download with a BitTorrent program if you can. This saves us traffic costs. We also appreciate it a lot if you leave your BitTorrent client running when you are done with the download, so others can keep downloading it from you.

Kristian Van Der Vliet
Welcome to the new SDN
Multi-threaded C++, part 1

Flemming H. Sørensen
Local and national groups
Archive instead of a CD
Let's talk about the users
Non-Latin-script translations

Henrik Isaksson
Collecting garbage

Mike Saunders
Syllable and Linux

Kaj de Vos
Indepth interview

Ruud Kuin
You can help, too!

Syllable Developer Newsletter #1 (PDF, 3 MB)
Software archive (ZIP, 2.5 MB)

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