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transmissioncli - a bittorrent client  


transmissioncli -words -h
transmissioncli [-v [level] ] -i torrent-file
transmissioncli [-v [level] ] -s torrent-file
transmissioncli [-v [level] ] [-p port ] [-d download-rate ] [-u upload-rate ] [-f script ] [-o output-dir ] [-n ] torrent-file
transmissioncli [-v [level] ] -c source-file -a announce-url [-p port ] [-m comment ] output-file  


The transmissioncli program is a lightweight, command-line BitTorrent client with scripting capabilities.

The options are as follows:

-c, --create-from source-file
Create torrent from the specified source file.
-a, --announce announce-url
Specifies the announce-url the new torrent will use. Can only be used in conjunction with -c or --create-from.
-r, --private
Sets the private flag for the new torrent. Can only be used in conjunction with -c or --create-from.
-m, --comment comment-text
This optional parameter adds a comment to the new torrent. Can only be used in conjunction with -c or --create-from.
-h, --help
Prints a short usage summary.
-i, --info
Shows information from the specified torrent file, such as the cryptographic hash, the tracker, announcement, file size and file name.
-o, --output-dir directory
Uses the specified directory as destination for downloaded data.
-s, -scrape
Prints the number of seeders and leechers for the specified torrent file, and exits.
-v, -verbose [level]
Sets debugging options. You can use both many -v flags, or a -v level. The current available levels are 0-2, with the highest level producing the most output. The default is 0.
-n, --nat-traversal
Attempt to use the NAT-PMP and UPnP IGD protocols to establish a port mapping for allowing incoming peer connections.
-p, -port port
Specifies an alternate port for the client to listen on. The default is 51413.
-u, -upload upload-rate
Specifies the maximum upload rate in kB/s, which defaults to 20. The level -1 may be used for unlimited uploads.
-d, -download download-rate
Specifies the maximum download rate in kB/s, which defaults to -1 for no download limit.
-f, -finish script
Specifies a shell script to be executed upon successful download.
-y, --recheck
Force a recheck of the torrent data.


In addition to these options, sending transmissioncli a SIGHUP signal will contact the tracker for more peers.



Directory where transmissioncli keeps torrent information for future seeding and resume operations.



The transmissioncli program was written by An -nosplit An Eric Petit Aq [email protected] , An Josh Elsasser Aq [email protected] , An Charles Kerr Aq [email protected] , and An Mitchell Livingston Aq [email protected] .  


transmission(1), transmission-daemon1, transmission-proxy1, transmission-remote1




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