os::Settings Member List

This is the complete list of members for os::Settings, including all inherited members.

AddBool(const char *pzName, bool bVal)os::Message
AddColor32(const char *pzName, const Color32_s &cVal)os::Message
AddData(const char *pzName, int nType, const void *pData, uint32 nSize, bool bFixedSize=true, int nMaxCountHint=1)os::Message
AddDouble(const char *pzName, double vVal)os::Message
AddFloat(const char *pzName, float vVal)os::Message
AddInt16(const char *pzName, int16 nVal)os::Message
AddInt32(const char *pzName, int32 nVal)os::Message
AddInt64(const char *pzName, int64 nVal)os::Message
AddInt8(const char *pzName, int8 nVal)os::Message
AddIPoint(const char *pzName, const IPoint &cVal)os::Message
AddIRect(const char *pzName, const IRect &cVal)os::Message
AddMessage(const char *pzName, const Message *pcVal)os::Message
AddObject(const char *pzName, const Flattenable &cVal)os::Message
AddPoint(const char *pzName, const Point &cVal)os::Message
AddPointer(const char *pzName, const void *pVal)os::Message
AddRect(const char *pzName, const Rect &cVal)os::Message
AddString(const char *pzName, const char *pzString)os::Message
AddString(const char *pzName, const std::string &cString)os::Message
AddString(const char *pzName, const String &cString)os::Message
AddVariant(const char *pzName, const Variant &cVal)os::Message
CountNames(void) constos::Message
FindBool(const char *pzName, bool *pbVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindColor32(const char *pzName, Color32_s *pcVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindData(const char *pzName, int nType, const void **ppData, size_t *pnSize, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindDouble(const char *pzName, double *pvVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindFloat(const char *pzName, float *pvVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindInt(const char *pzName, T *pnVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message [inline]
FindInt16(const char *pzName, int16 *pnVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindInt32(const char *pzName, int32 *pnVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindInt64(const char *pzName, int64 *pnVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindInt8(const char *pzName, int8 *pnVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindIPoint(const char *pzName, IPoint *pcVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindIRect(const char *pzName, IRect *pcVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindMessage(const char *pzName, Message *ppcVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindObject(const char *pzName, Flattenable &cVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindPoint(const char *pzName, Point *pcVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindPointer(const char *pzName, void **ppVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindRect(const char *pzName, Rect *pcVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindString(const char *pzName, const char **pzString, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindString(const char *pzName, std::string *pcString, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindString(const char *pzName, String *pcString, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
FindVariant(const char *pzName, Variant *pcVal, int nIndex=0) constos::Message
Flatten(uint8 *pBuffer, size_t nSize) constos::Message
GetBool(const char *pzName, bool bDefault, int nIndex=0) constos::Settings
GetCode(void) constos::Message [inline]
GetColor32(const char *pzName, const Color32_s &cDefault, int nIndex=0) constos::Settings
GetDouble(const char *pzName, double vDefault, int nIndex=0) constos::Settings
GetFile() constos::Settings
GetFlattenedSize(void) constos::Message
GetFloat(const char *pzName, float vDefault, int nIndex=0) constos::Settings
GetInt16(const char *pzName, int16 nDefault, int nIndex=0) constos::Settings
GetInt32(const char *pzName, int32 nDefault, int nIndex=0) constos::Settings
GetInt64(const char *pzName, int64 nDefault, int nIndex=0) constos::Settings
GetInt8(const char *pzName, int8 nDefault, int nIndex=0) constos::Settings
GetIPoint(const char *pzName, const IPoint &cDefault, int nIndex=0) constos::Settings
GetIRect(const char *pzName, const IRect &cDefault, int nIndex=0) constos::Settings
GetName(int nIndex) constos::Message
GetNameInfo(const char *pzName, int *pnType=NULL, int *pnCount=NULL) constos::Message
GetPath() constos::Settings
GetPoint(const char *pzName, const Point &cDefault, int nIndex=0) constos::Settings
GetRect(const char *pzName, const Rect &cDefault, int nIndex=0) constos::Settings
GetString(const char *pzName, const char *pzDefault="", int nIndex=0) constos::Settings
GetVariant(const char *pzName, const Variant &cDefault, int nIndex=0) constos::Settings
IsEmpty(void) constos::Message
IsReply(void) constos::Message
IsSourceRemote(void) constos::Message
IsSourceWaiting(void) constos::Message
Message(int nCode=0)os::Message
Message(const Message &cMsg)os::Message
Message(const void *pFlattenedData)os::Message
operator=(const Settings &cSource)os::Settings
operator=(const Message &cSource)os::Settings
RemoveData(const char *pzName, int nIndex=0)os::Message
RemoveName(const char *pzName)os::Message
ReturnAddress(void) constos::Message
Save(void) constos::Settings
SendReply(int nCode, Handler *pcReplyHandler=NULL)os::Message
SendReply(Message *pcTheReply, Handler *pcReplyHandler=NULL, uint nTimeOut=~0)os::Message
SendReply(int nCode, Message *pcReplyToReply)os::Message
SendReply(Message *pcTheReply, Message *pcReplyToReply, int nSendTimOut=~0, int nReplyTimeOut=~0)os::Message
SetBool(const char *pzName, bool cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
SetCode(int nCode)os::Message [inline]
SetColor32(const char *pzName, const Color32_s &cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
SetData(const char *pzName, int nType, const void *pData, uint32 nSize, int nIndex=0, bool bFixedSize=true, int nMaxCountHint=1)os::Settings
SetDouble(const char *pzName, double cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
SetFile(SeekableIO *pcFile)os::Settings
SetFile(String cFilename)os::Settings
SetFloat(const char *pzName, float cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
SetInt16(const char *pzName, int16 cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
SetInt32(const char *pzName, int32 cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
SetInt64(const char *pzName, int64 cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
SetInt8(const char *pzName, int8 cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
SetIPoint(const char *pzName, const IPoint &cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
SetIRect(const char *pzName, const IRect &cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
SetMessage(const char *pzName, const Message &cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
SetPath(Path *pcPath)os::Settings
SetPoint(const char *pzName, const Point &cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
SetRect(const char *pzName, const Rect &cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
SetString(const char *pzName, const String &cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
Settings(SeekableIO *pcFile)os::Settings
SetVariant(const char *pzName, const Variant &cValue, int nIndex=0)os::Settings
Unflatten(const uint8 *pBuffer)os::Message
WasDelivered(void) constos::Message

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