os::Image Member List

This is the complete list of members for os::Image, including all inherited members.

ApplyFilter(uint32 nFilterID)os::Image [virtual]
ApplyFilter(const Message &cFilterData)os::Image [virtual]
Draw(const Point &cPos, View *pcView)=0os::Image [pure virtual]
Draw(const Rect &cSource, const Rect &cDest, View *pcView)=0os::Image [pure virtual]
F_ALPHA_TO_OVERLAY enum valueos::Image
F_COLORIZE enum valueos::Image
F_GLOW enum valueos::Image
F_GRAY enum valueos::Image
F_HIGHLIGHT enum valueos::Image
F_NONE enum valueos::Image
GetBounds(void) constos::Image
GetSize(void) constos::Image [virtual]
ImageType(void) const=0os::Image [pure virtual]
IsValid(void) const=0os::Image [pure virtual]
Load(StreamableIO *pcSource, const String &cType="")=0os::Image [pure virtual]
Save(StreamableIO *pcDest, const String &cType)=0os::Image [pure virtual]
SetSize(const Point &cSize)os::Image [virtual]
~Image()os::Image [virtual]

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