os::IRect Member List

This is the complete list of members for os::IRect, including all inherited members.

Bounds(void) constos::IRect [inline]
DoIntersect(const IPoint &cPoint) constos::IRect [inline]
DoIntersect(const IRect &cRect) constos::IRect [inline]
Height() constos::IRect [inline]
Includes(const Rect &cRect) constos::IRect [inline]
Invalidate(void)os::IRect [inline]
IRect(void)os::IRect [inline]
IRect(int l, int t, int r, int b)os::IRect [inline]
IRect(const IPoint &cMin, const IPoint &cMax)os::IRect [inline]
IRect(const Rect &cRect)os::IRect [inline]
IsValid() constos::IRect [inline]
LeftTop() constos::IRect [inline]
operator &(const IRect &cRect) constos::IRect [inline]
operator &=(const IRect &cRect)os::IRect [inline]
operator!=(const IRect &cRect) constos::IRect [inline]
operator+(const IPoint &cPoint) constos::IRect [inline]
operator+(const IRect &cRect) constos::IRect [inline]
operator+=(const IPoint &cPoint)os::IRect [inline]
operator-(const IPoint &cPoint) constos::IRect [inline]
operator-(const IRect &cRect) constos::IRect [inline]
operator-=(const IPoint &cPoint)os::IRect [inline]
operator==(const IRect &cRect) constos::IRect [inline]
operator|(const IRect &cRect) constos::IRect [inline]
operator|(const IPoint &cPoint) constos::IRect [inline]
operator|=(const IRect &cRect)os::IRect [inline]
operator|=(const IPoint &cPoint)os::IRect [inline]
Resize(int nLeft, int nTop, int nRight, int nBottom)os::IRect [inline]
RightBottom() constos::IRect [inline]
Size() constos::IRect [inline]
Width() constos::IRect [inline]
~IRect()os::IRect [inline]

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